Pending emails on sending/receiving Emails in online CRM for a new user RRS feed

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  • We use CRM 2011 Online, every new user that is created when sending emails from their personal queue, the emails keep on Pending sending status, already check all the steps, inclusive tried the follow link  and the below steps.

    1. Add the new user to the Active Directory.
    2. Add the corresponding user to the CRM.
    3. Set Primary E-mail address of the user.
    4. Set “Email access type – Incoming & Email access type – Outgoing “to “Email Router” in the E-Mail Access Configuration tab, for the user created in the CRM system.
    5. Set Access Mode of the user to “Read/Write”.
    6. Save the user record and click “Approve E-Mail” button.
    7. Assign Security Role for the user.
    8. Assign the user to a particular team.
    9. Set a default queue for the user with alternate email ID.
    10. Load Data from the E-Mail Router Configuration Manager so that the new user is available in the Configuration Manager.
    11. Set Incoming Configuration Profile and Outgoing Configuration Profile, for the user added to the E-Mail Router Configuration Manager, through which the user will send the emails.
    12. Test Access for the particular user added.
    1. 13. The E-Mail router shows success, however, the user is unable to send and receive emails in CRM
    Thank you, any help is appreciated 
    Wednesday, February 19, 2014 11:52 AM