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  • i'm having a live mesh problem.  i have a live mesh folder that syncs across several machines.  inside that folder i have several sub-folders.  i want to delete one of the sub-folders, but no matter what i do (delete it, move it out of the live mesh sync folder), it disappears for about five minutes that magically re-appears.  it's riving me crazy.  i've moved it to the trash, i've emptied the trash i've restarted my machine — and it still returns.  i delete it on other sync'd machines, and it disappears on all of them — again for about five minutes, then it returns!  i'm not even sure where it's finding a copyof the folder to make it reappear!


    anyone have any suggestions?  thanks!

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011 6:23 AM


  • I assume that you are using Windows Live Mesh, not Live Mesh beta, which is about to end.

    Since you are referring to Windows Live Mesh, not Live Mesh - www.mesh.com, you are in the wrong forum. Yes, the naming convention is confusing, though I like that they kept the Mesh name alive for the upgrade to Live Sync (formerly FolderShare).


    For discussion of the new Windows Live Mesh (formerly Sync), (as well as the released Live Sync version) go here:



    However, it would seem that another machine in yoru mesh is taking precedence in the group, so deleting the folder on a machine is causing that folder to be recreated as "new" due to it existing on the mesh.

    I recommend that you simply remove the entire folder tree from the Mesh via devices.live.com, delete the sub-folder from all PCs in the mesh, and then add the top level folder back and specify which PCs you want to sync with. Since the top level folder and the files below already exist, re-establishing the catalog should be fairly quick.



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    Wednesday, March 16, 2011 11:19 AM