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  • Security Implications of Microsoft Windows Vista is a white paper published by Symantec, presenting the conclusion of an evaluation of the latest operating system from Microsoft. “The paper is designed for technical managers and other IT professionals who want to understand the effectiveness of Windows Vista’s new security technologies. This paper will be valuable to decision makers who need to get a practical understanding of Windows Vista’s true security posture,” revealed Oliver Friedrichs, director of emerging technologies in Symantec Security Response.

    And while beating the old drum of Microsoft denying access to security developers to the core of Windows Vista, via the Kernel Patch Protection technology, Symantec has adopted a novel approach. It went beyond actual criticism over PatchGuard and has provided a link to a crack for the kernel protections implemented by Microsoft into 64-bit editions of Windows Vista.

    “As demonstrated during the development process of Windows Vista and during its release, hackers can and will subvert PatchGuard. The kernel integrity protection mechanisms that are present on 64-bit Windows Vista can only be described as a bump in the road. That is, while these technologies may slow down an attacker, they may not provide a meaningful defense against a determined one,” stated Symanted and in order to prove its point geared the users toward a paper entitled “Bypassing PatchGuard on Windows x64.”

    However, Bypassing PatchGuard on Windows x64 is a paper that has been published all the way back in December 2005. Windows Vista has evolved past that point and currently that PatchGurad crack is no longer functional.
    Friday, March 2, 2007 2:27 PM

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