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    I really dont care for how it wants to backup your entire HD, my main interest are my docs, thousands of family photos, mp3's, junk like that. I realize there's an exclude function but with 2 HD's each with 2 partitions thats quite a few excludes. For example I'd like to backup my FS9 folder, well there's quite a few other folders in /Program Files/ that I don't care about so I'd have to hit exclude and keep going back over and over. A check box system on the Exclude page would make this a whole lot easier. Any of your commercial backup programs give you much better control like this, "Second Copy" is an excellent example.


    Maybe I should put this in a questions page but my exclude feature has only worked 1 out of 5 times, the other 4 times clicking the + symbol next to the drive letter does nothing.



    Monday, October 15, 2007 3:00 AM

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  • While WHS Backup can be used as an ad hoc backup tool to create an archive of just your most important files, it's primary purpose is as a disaster recovery tool. If your client PC should happen to suffer a serious failure (for example, the drive on which your OS is installed fails), WHS Backup provides a means of restoring it completely. It also provides the ad hoc file based access to your files you're probably looking for, looking just like another drive on your client PC while you're restoring individual files.

    As such, you should let WHS back up everything. It won't use huge amounts of storage for multiple backups, the way traditional backup tools like Second Copy will. Because it uses a technique similar to Single Instance Storage, but at the level of an individual 4KB cluster from a file, it stores only a single copy of any particular cluster, no matter how many files that cluster appears in, how many client PCs those files occur on, or how many backup sets may be stored. Disk space used is dramatically reduced as a result. For example, I have three client PCs backed up to my production server. In total, the disk usage on those PCs is approximately 350 GB. With 10 archived backups from 2 of them, and 4 from a third (a notebook which isn't on regularly enough to back up every night), those backups occupy a total of 320 GB.
    Monday, October 15, 2007 5:03 AM