Cannot import the translation back after export :CRM 2011 online RRS feed

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  • i followed the link: to solve language problem:


    in above link it says which i followed and i requote

    "Here's how i finally solved this problem. 1. Export all translations
    (Settings/Customizations/Customize the system) 2. Open the exel file and make
    sure every cell under the desired language code has a value. 3. Save the exel
    file. 4. Import the translations back to CRM 5. Problem Solved! – ThdK Oct 11
    '11 at 7:47"

    But , now before i could finnish trying above i got another problem :

    After i exported the translations and fill the values under desired language
    and when i importing it back it failed saying some rows fields values are null
    in the base language and they were empty when i exported it but now it cannot be
    imported untill i have those base language empty values to be filled ...its
    production online env and dont wanna mess up...now the question is how to fill
    those null base language fields .can i put anything .... its few rows of
    msdyn_postconfig which are empty in base language!!

    Entity name   -    Object ID       -         Object Column Name      -      1033  (Baselanguage)      -  1035(secondlang)

    msdyn_postconfig  -  34bb-b009-2580-8634eb      -           displayname -                                        empty    -                                     empty     [total same 5 rows]

    msdyn_postruleconfig   -3d43-7a56-67e5-dc75     -     displayname -                                                 empty    -                                   empty    [total same 7 rows]

    Or any way to find object column name via object id to fill it and import it

    Any pointers are appreciated!



    Tuesday, November 13, 2012 7:19 AM