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  • I have been using WordPress.com for some time, writing offline with the simple and straightforward BlogDesk, this does most of what I need and is reliable. Someone asked me to publish a somewhat complex document, far beyond hand translation. I looked around for what other offline tools there are today, little turned up, tried one, forget it. I left LW to last because it is known difficult to obtain/install, the former proving the problem (hit security here, slapped down) until I found a download file for the whole 120MB stuff. Actual install was surprisingly slow but it worked. Initial testing looked promising, was able to test publish. (more than one blog involved here)

    I was hoping LW would make some kind of reasonable job of translating .docx supplied by someone else. Roughly it did, but images didn't, some formatting fails and tables failed. Never mind it did the donkey work. I roughly fixed things up so the next obvious move was see what it looks like on Wordpress.

    I rapidly discovered server #500. On trying to find a solution I found plenty of reports of this problem, some workarounds such as use FTP for images, not with wordpress.com, managed servers. Another commonly mentioned answer is limit image width, shouldn't be necessary and sure enough LW was failing there but even when definitely every image was inside blog width (not that it needs to be), still #500. Naturally I used trial and error to try and figure out what something didn't like, but then I found it was unstable, position varied.

    Next try was get a fragment to upload at which point it became obvious LW has more serious problems. In essence don't trust save because silently marks a save as dead if it imagines it has succeeded with an upload. This appears to be irrecoverable because download of existing posts has problems.

    I tried various other things before giving up. Found a different route, dumped HTML into BlogDesk and uploaded for final edit. The whole thing took 6 hours. I learnt some things, not something I need to do often.

    My conclusion is LW has known problems. I'm telling you about it rather than simply walking away.

    No exceptions or other gross things noticed. Preview is approximate, not particularly important. Seems to have trouble with font sizes but that might be down to unexpected typeface. (fixed up manually later)

    OS XP Pro, stable system, network shouldn't be the slightest problem, no radio allowed here, considered insecure always.

    It would be nice if there is a definite solution.

    Wednesday, February 8, 2012 12:07 AM