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  • Hello! So yesterday night I updated my Alienware, Windows 7 PC to Windows 10. As soon as it was finished and I was on my desktop, I got a TON of errors from "Internet Explorer", like the small popup with the red circle X on the left hand side. 

    It says: 

    Cannot Find

    'file:///C:Users/Kikrix/Desktop/ClearLog.xml'. Make sure the path or Internet address is correct.


    Whenever I try and click to close them, it will open another one and pull up Internet Explorer (a blank page with nothing on it of course)

    As I'm typing this they keep popping up and I have to go into the Task manager to close them, because neither the Close X on the top or the OK button actually closes it. This is weird because I don't even have Internet Explorer on my PC, as I uninstalled it in Windows 7 because I used chrome more and it would always bring random links up in it. Which wasn't preferable. Lol

    Since I can't reinstal Internet Explorer (I was thinking that was maybe the problem) because I'm using Windows10... I really don't know what to do.

    The computer works perfectly fine, fast and good for games, youtube.. etc

    Just this error always comes up and it's a little annoying to need to close it all the time with Task Manager.

    Anyway, that's my issue.. I'd really appreciate some help, thanks <3


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    Friday, August 7, 2015 5:07 PM