Echo isn't deleting files on the destination side...??? RRS feed

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  • When I start fresh with a clean backup drive and setup Echo profiles in SyncToy everything seems to work fine.  However, in situations like right now, where the data has been moved around a little bit, the Echo feature gets broken and I have to start completely over fresh again, which is a little scary, for one, and takes a very long time with more than 1TB of data to backup.  I'm hoping to find a way to get Echo working again without starting completely over.

    I have an internal 2TB storage drive (D:/) in my system and I also have a separate internal 2TB backup drive (E:/) that I'd simply like to mirror D with.  Recently I've noticed that some software applications have been created things on my D:/ drive and it's caused my organization of that drive and all my storage to get a little bit messy. 

    As such, I created a new directory D:/STORAGE/ and I simply cut/pasted all of my regular directories (documents, music, videos, etc.) into this new storage directory so they're by themselves again.  Then I re-created all of the profiles in SyncToy to use Echo just like before.

    Now, though, when I run the backup the only thing that happens is it copies everything from the source to the destination that's new, but it doesn't delete everything on the destination side that no longer exists on the source. 

    For example, I have a /WebsitesArchive directory with a whole bunch of web projects in them from over the years.  These were all Echoed to my backup drive and seemed to be working as expected.  After I made this small change, I also decided to actually archive (ZIP, RAR) all of these web project directories.  So now I have a whole bunch of ZIPs and RARs but no more actual directories for all of the web projects because I deleted them all.

    Upon Echoing, all of the archive files are getting copied over, but none of the original directories are getting deleted.  As such, my backup drive is getting close to full even though my actual storage is only around 1TB.  That leads me to believe this same thing is happening in all of my profiles (or at least more than 1).

    I've had this happen to be in the past but any time I've noticed before I just formatted my backup drive and started over.  It takes a long time to do that, though, so I'd rather figure out how to get it working again without that.

    Is there any way to get SyncToy to simply look at my Source, ensure everything that exists there also exists on the Destination, and then remove anything on the Destination that doesn't exist on the source?  I thought that's what Echo is supposed to do, but it's not working for me once it gets off like this.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

    Monday, August 1, 2011 5:02 AM