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  • When creating a new publisher there is a field "Option Value Prefix". As Microsoft says, this field is automatically being generated. It is also editable, though. Are there any situations when this should be edited? Also is there a possibility of this number causing any conflicts with other publishers/option sets/etc?
    Sunday, June 5, 2011 5:16 PM


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    In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 each new option set option will be initialized with an integer value assigned that includes an option value prefix. The option value prefix is a set of five digits prepended to the option value. An option value prefix is generated based on the solution publishers customization prefix but may be set to any value. The option value prefix helps differentiate new option set options created in the context of a specific solution publisher and reduces the opportunity for collisions of option values. Using the option value prefix is recommended but not required.

    A managed solution usually updates or adds options for option sets that are already in the organization,. for example, the account Category or Industry option sets. When a managed solution modifies the options available in an option set, all the options defined in the managed solution are available in the organization. When the managed solution is uninstalled, the option set options will be returned to their original state.

    This value is generated automatically based on the solution publishers customization prefix to mimimize the conflicts between different vendors. Only edit the option set value if you identify that it may conflict with already installed solution or any other solution that your company is planning to use. Yes there may be conflict if the publisher prefix of the vendors are same and they are using default generated value.

    Try yourself by creating two different publishers i.e. publisher 1 and publisher 2 with same prefix i.e. pub and check the generated Option Value Prefix number.

    i hope this will answer your question.

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