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  • I have been compacting a fraud advertising spammer on a Chinese web site called CSDN for many months now. The spammer would register a user name, posting spams for one hour or two unless get blocked, then redial to get another IP and register another account. In CSDN I see a few dozens spams per day with the topics (a few hundreds per day if other fraud advertising spams are included), and CSDN has multiple batch deleting administration web pages to help forum moderates to combating the spamming. 

    The spammer recently show up in MSDN forums. And I have to open each spam thread to delete the spams here. To effectively compact the spamming I suggest

    1 have a report spam button in user profile 

    2 have an interface that can delete multiple threads at the same time.

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    Wednesday, May 5, 2010 10:32 PM

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