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  • Apologies that this is a bit wordy but wanted to give a bit of background before stating the issue.

    I work in a corporate environment where our mail is hosted by Microsoft and users have an *.ost file on laptops. Users have the ability to use "Search folders" option in the left hand navigation pane and can create new searches enabling them to have an "All Mail" view. Some clients  have delegate access to a managers mailfile which again works fine and they have the "Search folders" view since they are looking at the managers mailfile on the server.

    However, some of the delegates have a local cached copy of the managers mailfile as a result of the time taken to open Outlook (due to reasons including a) the fact that some admins and managers are on different MS servers in different continents and b) the managers large mailfile). This again all works pretty well except that the caching of the managers mailfile results in the fact from the Delegate's perspective that they no longer see the managers "Search Folders" and hence can't do an all mail search to find emails that the manager or another delegate may have filed out of the Inbox

    Any idea's would be welcome 

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