I'm trying to bulk update using Excel export/import, but everything fails due to duplicate detection! RRS feed

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    I want to bulk update Contact information. I have about 1,000 contact record.

    I have tried to export to Excel, update the spreadsheet, and then import it back, but all the records are marked as "failure" during the import. The import process sees each of these records as duplicates. Its true of course, these records are all in the Contacts already, I want to do an update!

    I am using CRM 2013. I did select the "Make this data available for re-importing by including the required column heading" when I exported. Still, when I did the import each and every record was marked as a duplicate.

    What exactly is the system doing to know that we are performing an update and not a new import? Is there something I might be doing to the file to inadvertently cause the Excel file to be interpreted as all new records?

    What determines the "primary key" used by the system to match up records for updating?



    Wednesday, April 2, 2014 5:02 PM

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  • When you export the records to excel and mark it to be available for re-import, CRM adds a few columns to identify the record update. You can 'unhide' the columns in excel and see them but as it says..'do not modify'.It will hold the GUID, checksum and modifiedOn fields to check for data updates in excel and perform the same in CRM.

    CRM uses the GUID of the records to identify them. IT would be first column in the excel you have.

    Make sure these columns were not accidentally modified / deleted from your file.

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    Thursday, April 3, 2014 1:21 AM