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  • hi ..

    I plan some kind of PCM wave file with almost the same profile to get the Wave file and finally I want to deliver.

    After analysis, I realized that header file header section 14 s and the Wave files that my profile is one of almost all of them (except for size) I currently have a twofold problem Chunksize and Subchunk2size
    Chunksize Chharbayt Subchunk2size time and is four bytes and is Chunksize = Subchunk2size +36. Now I must get to the destination for any wave file I collected this information and then file a new wave with total Subchunk2size and Chunksize and other fixed items I create.
    First time that I need Chunksize = Subchunk2size +36 formula corresponds to the kind of content should be 4 bytes dedicated to it with 36 Mj then I should come and Chunksize Subchunk2size that is unique to each file together I bite And at the corresponding pour new file.
    Friend said that contrary to gather the numbers from right to left're worth a lot of numbers here, from left to right the number 4523 Can low value, minimum value of 3 and 4, the highest number s bite together, but currently, for example number bytes number 40 times 41 times 201 and No. 156 bytes and bite and bite number 42 against 25 against No. 43 0 4 bytes is the fact that 0 is the byte number 43 has the highest numerical value. and maximum is 255 bytes each.


    My main problem is the total bytes.
    How do I bite the contents of four together with other Chha I bite?


    Please guide me

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  • Can you provide more information about your question?  What product/technologies are you using?  If programming, what language and tools are you using? 

    Hope this helps,
    Jeff Willis

    Thursday, May 20, 2010 1:43 AM