hard drive showing up under storage pool, but says not added? RRS feed

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  • A hard drive is showing up under the storage pool, but says not added? All the drives will go under the storage pool heading, but one will say not added. When I remove the drive everything goes well and any data (which I don't think there was any becuase the time it took to remove) was removed, but then another hard drive in the storage pool says not added when it previoiusly was stated in healthy condition. The hardware involoved is, the initial setup was (250gb maxtor IDE for main os drive) 1 750 gb western digital sata 2 as a storage drive, then 2x500gb seagate sata2 drives in the storage pool). So when 2 of the 500s were added they worked just fine, but when trying to get a second pair to add (so a total of 4x500gb HDD would be in the storage pool)  they have been giving me the issue of showing up in the storage pool, but one of them has not added as the health indicator light. It looks like the total capacity of the storage pool increases when the drive is added and removed, but the health indicator shows not added. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
    Sunday, December 9, 2007 7:26 PM