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    I have a security and spyware site.  My keywords (wireless hidden camera, spy equipment, pepper spray and stun gun) was rejected.  I went to the live search site and entered these same words and all of them pulled up sites selling these items.  When I called customer service asking them why, I was advised it was because my site has pepper spray and 2 hidden cameras, 1) in a cigarette pack and the other as a cell phone cam.  While speaking with her I was looking at a site on Live Search that was selling the EXACT items she just told me was the reason I was rejected!!!!!


    I also spoke to an Supervisor regarding this, he stated the same thing, they do not allow these items, yet every keyword that I was rejected for came up with sites selling these items!


    Isn't this a double standard?


    I think this company should either pull all of the sites that are selling items such as these off or allow all of the sites on to market their items.  I realize all of these keywords can be utilized in an informative site.  However all of the sites on Live Search were selling. 


    There should be better guidelines when setting up an account with live search. I feel like I have been scammed!



    Wednesday, September 5, 2007 10:21 PM

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  • Hello Mountain Walker,


    I feel you pain.  This is an area where I think AdCenter needs some improvement and a few posts ago Carolyn asked us all to give any feedback on how to improve AdCenter.  My number 2 item was to broaden the keyword matching criteria, here is what I posted about it.


    2. Broaden the Keyword Criteria. - For me, the majority of search engine marketing I do is marketing someone else's site and making an affiliate commission off any sales I send their way.   In setting up a campaign I will target all kinds of keyword combos some of which might not be listed on the page I am sending people to.  As an example I was running a campaign for Smoothie Recipes.  One of the keywords I was using was "Healthy Snack Idea".  These words were not part of the text of the page I was using as my target url, but it was a valid keyword match for my campaign.  Things like this shouldn't be rejected based on some automated relevance checker - that is so bogus!  I can understand trademarks and things like that, but if I want to bid on the keywords "Healthy Snack Idea" I should be able to use any target url I want.


    I hope this helps, and I too hope for less restrictive keywords.


    Smile dave.

    Friday, September 7, 2007 4:14 PM