Can I define continuous uniform prior for the variable RRS feed

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  • It seems that the very simple distribution continuous uniform is not provided. If I have to use this simple distribution, do I have to define the distribution myself? If it is, could any one give me any hint on how to implement this.
    Friday, April 7, 2017 8:45 PM

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  • Did you try using Beta(1,1) distribution as a continuous uniform distribution?

    I am unsure how to use it for an interval [a;b], other than a=0 and b=1 though...

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    Wednesday, April 12, 2017 11:28 PM
  • Beta, Dirichlet, TruncatedGaussian can all represent continuous uniform distributions over a bounded range, if you set their parameters appropriately.
    Thursday, April 20, 2017 2:55 PM