My home built server needs a new Motherboard.....what kind of problems am I going to run into... RRS feed

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  • I built my server 2 years ago using parts from my box-o-parts.  (who doesnet have a servers worth of parts)

    Anyway, I currently have an ASUS mobo, P3 1.0mhz precessor, and 512 mb ram.

    I am having reliabillity issues and would like to upgrade the 3 above.  Is this just a matter of pluggung in the new drives and going, or will I run into hardware problems at start up.  Will WHS give me EULA problems?


    Friday, January 23, 2009 3:54 PM


  • You will be best off if you connect your drives to the new MB, making sure that you connect the system drive correctly so the new MB will present it as the first drive, and then immediately do a server reinstallation. It's possible that you could boot your server; more likely it would blue-screen, though.

    Other precautions I would take: set all SATA ports to "IDE", "Legacy IDE" etc. mode. In theory you will be giving up a small amount of performance, but in reality there are other bottlenecks that will overshadow the losses from this. Setting your SATA ports this way will allow WHS to use built-in drivers in the installation phases, and will make for a much easier reinstallaiton experience.

    See this FAQ post for more information about how to perform a server reinstallation. (Don't let the title throw you. :) )

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
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