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  • Is it possible to backup specific folders?

    I want to run weekly backups, but there are a few folders that change daily.  I would like to be able to setup a daily backup for folders X,Y, & Z.  Right now,  it appears that my only option is to create a backup, then exclude all folders but X,Y,& Z (which would be quite time consuming).

    If there is not a viable way to do this, perhaps this could be thrown into the Suggestion Box.

    (Yes, I am aware of other software that does this.  I want to know if WHS can do it!)
    Sunday, June 17, 2007 10:27 AM


  • No, there's no easy way to set up a special purpose backup in WHS. There's also no way to set up a weekly, rather than daily (nightly, by default) backup.

    It's not as much of a problem as it could be with a traditional backup plan (full/differential/incremental), though. WHS makes use of a technique called "Single Instance Storage" which ensures that there is only one copy of each unique 4k cluster in the backup database. So instead of having to back up a file night after night, WHS compares the file with data already in the backup database. If it's found, only a pointer to the data already there is stored. The result is dramatically lower disk utilization. The typical home, if configured to use the default retention period, will still see all their backups, for all the PCs "joined" with WHS, taking up less space than the total used disk space on those computers.
    Sunday, June 17, 2007 11:46 AM