Legalizing Windows XP pirate software by purchasing a validation kit from Microsoft RRS feed

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  • My Windows software package is not an original one, and does not pass the validation process by Windows. I spoke on the phone with Mocrosoft's Client Service Dept. and they told me there is a way of legalizing my software by purchasing a so called "Kit Windows Original Genuine Advantage" for approx. $169. They instructed me to go to www.microsoft.com/latam/original and follow the instructions to purchase the kit, to be sent to my e-mail as soon as they confirmen my payment, plus a CD with the original Windows XP software for me to keep just in case. So far, excellent service from Microsoft.

    But my problem is that I entered the page they indicated, and after going all through it and its links, all I found was almost everything about the advantages of getting an original genuine Windows software package from the start.

    But I could not find anything refering to the validation kit that Microsoft itself is promoting in its web pages: where to read about it, how to order it, how to pay for it, etc.

    I am really interested in legalizing my Windows software package, so I will appreciate it a lot if someone can help me in this respect. Please do not come up with advices like "you should really purchase a brand new Windows genuine package". I may do so with Windows Beta once it has been fully tested and approved by users, but right now what I want is to purchase this validation kit referred above.

    Thank you for your help and concern.

    Thursday, August 23, 2007 5:22 PM