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  • I get stuck trying to resolve issue with connecting to my home computers (including server itself) from WHS home web page. I can access page remotely without issues. All links on page seems work (media, shares). But when I click on Connect button next to any of available computers, I get stuck. If I connect to regular PC I get pop up window from Remote Desktop Connection with message 'Connecting to xxx-PC' and status 'Initializing remote connection'. If I try to connect to server dasboard I get RemoteApp window with message 'Starting Dashboard' (interestingly in title bar I see 'Connecting to 192.168.x.x... - local IP of the server). Both pop up windows hang up indefinitely without any further error messages (like certificate error or remote computer unavailability). Strangely I can easiliy RDP to any of these computer using Remote Desktop directly from PC I am connecting from. So seems that these Connect buttons are triggering connections in wrong way, or are trying to use RPD Proxy on WHS (I read someting about this, but not really understand) that might be somehow missconfigured on server. Any idea what to look for?
    Monday, January 23, 2012 7:23 AM

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  • OK, being a bit desperate on this I installed Remote Desktop Services Tools feature on server and started to look at RDP configuration. Not being expert in this are I hardly can see something wrong, though... In RemoteApp Manager you can see properties of RemoteDashboard application and export these as .rdp file. Using this file I'm not able to connect to server deshboard due to certificate error. Playing a bit with this file I modified it in the way, that now it is possible to connect to dashboard without any errors. So this just proves that whole setup is OK and it can be done. The issue seems to be linked with how WHS home web page generates (probably on the fly) .rdp file necessary to connect to dashboard remotely. ANy advice how to deal with this?
    Thursday, January 26, 2012 8:36 AM