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  • I can't find a suggestion box elsewhere for Internet Explorer, so here we go:
    When roaming using wifi on my laptop, I often have a bunch of webpages ready to load when I find a connection.  Especially when on a train or bus, the connection might come and go quickly.  Or, I might want to grab the pages from a known wifi location while in a hurry and view them later. 

    At any rate, wifi handshaking is slow enough (will they ever replace this terrible protocol??) so I barely have time to connect, let alone click to reload pages.  Or, maybe I'm working on the train, and wifi is searching for an open access point to connect to - and I might not even notice I connected for 30 seconds while at a station. 

    Outlook is excellent with this - it sees a connection, and pops the email server immediately.  However, not only does internet explorer not have an option to automatically load webpages when a connection is available, but auto-refresh isn't DISABLED when a connection is NOT available.  For example, I might load a baseball scores page, which has a 60-second autorefresh on the page - so 60 seconds after losing the connection, I have a "website not found" error message instead of the page I'd loaded.  The same with newspaper websites - I can't load stories to read at the office and read them on the way home, because they try to auto-refresh every 10 minutes.

    I think the general suggestion here to fix these issues is to suspend the fetching of webpages if a connection is unavailable.  So, if I load the baseball scores page without a connection, instead of bombing me out with a "page not found" error, it should see that no internet connection exists and fall into a "waiting for internet connection" state.  The same should be true when a page tries to auto-refresh.

    I think this would do a lot to overcome the deficiencies in wifi as a mobile internet option, and would be relatively simple to implement.  Now if only the IEEE (or whoever is in charge of it) would scrap the wifi handshaking protocol in favor of something more powerful and less sloooow...
    Wednesday, July 22, 2009 6:11 PM