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  • I am keen to start working with WHS however will probably hold off purchasing the product until the data integrity bugs in the system are worked out successfully - at least it will give me a bit of time to think about my hardware set up.


    Here in Australia neither HP nor Microsoft seem very keen on the product and I can get no indication as to when the product will be marketed thru pre-built systems such as are available in the US & Europe.


    So it looks like a home built system which is no big drama as I have previously built around a dozen PCs for family and friends and I am not put off by the thought of putting a machine together.


    However I am puzzled by the issue of drivers with WHS  The issue comes up in this forum and other sites and there are special references to it in the WHS Unleashed book which just arrived at home courtesy of Amazon's international  delivery service. 


    When building a normal XP / Vista system one loads up the O/S and then run as necessary  the driver CD which came with the m/board.  However it seems to be different with WHS?  My first question how is it different?  I have been to the ASUS & Gigabyte sites and can find no reference to WHS drivers on downloads sites for their G33 chipset boards.


    Are the drivers embedded in the WHS O/S?  A number of posts talk about simply using the XP drivers? Is this correct?  What about using the Server 2003 drivers which are on some of the web sites.  Can you run the normal driver CD if you have loaded WHS on the HDD?  Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill here?


    Can someone recommend a board / hardware set up where they had no driver issues.


    Basically is it really an issue if I stick to recent mainstream m/boards and HDDs such as Seagate & Western Digital.







    Saturday, February 23, 2008 10:17 AM

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  • Re your drivers question - WHS has some basic drivers (like a lot of OS's) however you MAY need to install drivers, or certainly update them with either WHS drivers (which you probably wont find) or Windows 2003 drivers (which WHS is built on top of). The advice about XP drivers is because some companies dont do 2003 drivers for their hardware, so its likely that the XP drivers will do the trick. In fact, I had a graphics card during the beta that I used XP drivers for.


    You should always use the latest drivers for you hardware, or at the very least the drivers specifically that came with your hardware, like you suggest rather than rely on what WHS may or may not have.


    In the case of specific hardware like the HP box, HP will have preloaded the relevant drivers for its hardware. As WHS is OEM software, it expects the OEM (in this case, you) to apply all the relevant drivers for the system you are building.




    Saturday, February 23, 2008 10:46 AM