windows 2012 server edition mapped drives won't display in Choose directory RRS feed

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  • I'm the IT administrator for a few company that have started to utilize windows 2012 for their choice of server. A lot of their software uses batch script files to map driver from the server to the local work stations. They also have terminal server licenses to use the software they utilize through a remote app or through the means a normal rdp. Recently after installing the software in the new severs and managed the get the programs up and running I have stumble upon a problem that serious for our people using 2012 and windows 8. The choose directory window  doesn't display the currently mapped drives. you have to click on the network and find your pc location through those means. The problem with doing it this way is that its not mapping the drive through the batch file that I have currently used. which means that the local workstations will be mapped differently than the server will be mapped on how they look at the data. This creates a serious problems with a lot of the different applications they use in the server. My current fix has been to mapped through the network, but this posses other issues on all the applications and have run the chance where windows never mapped the drive. I'm looking to see if someone can provide me a solution as to why in the new operating systems they removed mapped drives from appearing in the choose directory explorer menu window. Please any help or direction to get this address and have the choose directory show the items properly will be appreciated.
    Wednesday, September 24, 2014 3:43 PM