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  • Hi, I'm starting to get a little confused here. Would be great if someone could help answer some/all of my questions.

    Some background: I have working customisations in CRM4.0 which include some aspx pages and wcf web services hosted in sub-folders in the ISV folder on the CRM website. I have not configured any virtual directories so these items are referenced using the path http://crm/isv/myfolder/somepage.aspx. I have been using the CRM SDK dlls to interact with CRM via the web services. These customisations work fine On-Premise but a customer is having connection issues when they installed this on their IFD.


    • If I have customisations stored in the CRM website in the ISV folder, should I be using the SDK to create service connections, or should I create and use web references to interact with CRM? Are there any significant differences?
    • When should I use the discovery service for determining service urls? Does IFD/On-Premise affect this? Does the location of my customisations (in CRM website or seperate website) affect this?
    • Do I need to use the SPLA authentication type when using https? If so, can I still use DefaultNetworkCredentials?

    For now, they are the primary questions I'd like to address, but I may have a couple more once this starts to clear itself up.

    Perhaps my googling skills aren't very good but if you have any answers or any links to share then it would be greatly appreciated.


    Thursday, March 31, 2011 4:40 AM


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