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  • Hi,

    Can I delete just the server backups or better yet, selected server backups?

    I have a WHS2011 server with server backup configured for the operating system drive. I just moved to a second USB for the backup since my first drive started showing signs of dying. But something went wrong and the new drive filled up with the wrong backup data. So now I want to clear that drive out, delete the associated backups for the server, and start again.

    The problem is I can't figure out how to delete just the specific, problematic server backups. Unlike my client PC backups, I can't simply select the problem backups, view properties, and select delete this backup when cleanup runs. There is no option for that on the server backups.

    I've looked around but haven't found anything that seems to answer question directly. I saw some postings that suggested using "Wbadmin delete catalog" but that sounds like it will do more than I want it to. I definitely do not want to lose any of my client backups. I just want to get rid of the server backups.

    Separately, the cause of this appears to be the server has decided it's going to include one my data folders in the backups. At one point, I did set it to include that folder but later deselected it. But for some unknown reason, it reappears which causes my external backup disk to to fill up too quickly. But I'll worry about that later. Right now, I just need to kill these server backups from the last couple of days.

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  • You can't selectively delete server backups as these are managed automatically by WHS2011. These will eventually get cleared out when the disk fills up and WHS decides to clean up the Server backup database!!

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