How to update citations and publications like in Google Scholar RRS feed

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  • My own publications and citations remain the same since 2011 and despite multiple refreshes it doesn't change at all. I can see this displayed on the net as a cached page giving readers a false impression of the number of publications, citations, co-authors, as well as H-index and other metrics.

    If the site can't update regularly, it should however be able to do a search on request and provide additional publications and citations that are up to date.

    All of this information is publicly available and it is no state secret.

    Do you think Bing is not up to doing this task? I have tried several times, but it just returns with the 2011 results!!!

    I am at the baseline level so perhaps I am doing something wrong? It did take me forever to realize that I needed to sign up to edit the citation graph, but despite loging in it made no difference.

    Any advise or just stick to google scholar?

    Also (at least) is there a way I can remove the old cached page displaying outdated metrics?

    Many thanks for any help on this. kr


    Thursday, July 10, 2014 3:03 PM