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  • Hello,

    Hope this is the right place to find the answer. I just need the location of a registry key/value in Windows.

    I have a PowerShell Script that changes the language and the region in Windows 10 changing the correct values in the right registry keys. There is only one registry that I can not find is the one when you select and tick the box for "New user accounts" under "Copy your current settings to:".

    Full path: Control Panel -> Region -> Administrative -> Copy settings... -> Copy your current settings to: -> New user accounts

    So normally I start with a system that it's fully in English/US for all the settings in Current user, Welcome Screen, New user accounts, that is the Display language, Input language, Format and Location.

    After my script and a restart, for example when I want to change to German/Germany, I manage to get everything set right except except for the "Display language" under "New User accounts" that stills keeps the "English (United States)".

    You know that if you select and tick the option "New user accounts" under "Copy your current settings to:" and then select "Ok" indeed it changes to "German" and there is no need to restart.

    What I only need is the location of the registry ("Display language") that is being changed, because even though I used RegShot for successfully finding the location of all the other keys I needed it for changing the language/region settings under the Current user, Welcome Screen and New User accounts I don't find the key for this last one in the before/after snapshots that RegShot provides.

    This is the last little thing I need for the script to be completed fully so hopefully someone out there knows what key it is.

    Thanks in advance!

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