5 Bay Silent WHS Case with 6th 2.5" OS space (SSD) & Slot-in Optical 7 drives, Silent ! ? RRS feed

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  • Any 5 bay silent cases out there? (with 2.5" SSD OS drive space, and slot-in Optical?
    I was happy with the EX495 form factor since it is running in a bedroom.  
    It's time to upgrade, so I'm looking for the perfect similar new server.
    The AWIECO one is quite interesting:
    Apparently it uses a ZOTAC motherboard
    It's pretty pricey but I don't see any other compact servers out there in this form factor. (let alone it's silent!)   I really love how SEVEN drives will be packed into this thing.  (SSD C:\ OS drive, 5 SATA Drives +  Blu-Ray slot-in drive)
    Did they have some special case made for them?  It's hard to believe that a similar generic mini case for this is not out there for DIY yet. 
    I have to be honest, ever since I put 2011 on my EX495, it's hard for me to spend money upgrading when it's actually working so well right now.  I should explore upgrading the CPU on the EX495 possibly.    I'd rather have USB 3.0 and an actual display port as an emergency though!
    My 100% I'm ready to order urgently feeling has turned into a wait and see the first review feeling for the AWIECO.   I forgot how bad the Pounds to Dollar conversion is. (ouch)
    Wednesday, June 29, 2011 12:52 AM