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    Hello Fellow Windows Home Server Users


    My name is Max and I’ve been using WHS with the software My Movies for about 2-years now and everything works great.   For those unfamiliar with My movies, its software that runs on WHS and turns WHS into a great Media Server for movies and music.

    My issue is that I need to expand capacity in my server but am struggling because I have read that Microsoft’s next version of WHS will not include Drive Extender so I'm concerned that something I buy now may not be supported when Veil is released

    My Intel 975XBX2KR motherboard purchased in 2008 has 8 SATA slots.  (1) Boot Drive (3) 2TB Drives  (4) 1TB Drives and I’m out of capacity.  I’ve researched different upgrade options and noted the pro's and con's of each below.  I could easily see needing 20+ TB of storage in the next 3-5 years Any suggestions on  upgrades that will support veil would be great


    Option 1 : Begin replacing the 1TB Drives with 3TB Drives

    Pro’s : Intel says my board will support these drives,

    Con : My case is completely full making drives swaps a pain  and I will be tossing 1TB Drives


    Option 2 : Replace current Case with ____ 4220 and install Areca 1300ix Controller

    Pro : Would allow easy support for up to 24 Hard drives and cost about $700.00 for case and controller

    Con : While controller should  be compatible with next version of WHS, the Drive Pool may not be,  forcing an ugly migration to Veil


    Option 3 : Purchase a Drobo Pro unit and migrate all data to this

    Pro’s : much more reliable storage than Drive Extender and should work with Veil as it uses iscsi interface

    Con’s : price is $1400.00 for bare unit, only 8 drives, no one has done this yet with this unit


    Thanks for your advice

    WHS_retail version
    Thursday, December 30, 2010 6:12 PM

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  • The current version of Windows Home Server doesn't support drives larger than 2 TB. If you install a larger drive and add it to the storage pool, you get a 2 TB partition plus unallocated free space you can't readily use.

    I expect the next version will be able to support larger drives, technically. However, there are some challenges to doing so, the most serious of which is that server backup is limited to 2 TB in a single backup. You will not be able to back up a drive larger than that with the built-in tools. My honest expectation is that Vail will also not officially support partitions larger than 2 TB even if it supports larger drives.

    Note that tossing 1 TB drives isn't as painful as it sounds. Take the first few and install them in all your desktops, HTPCs, etc., then toss the rest. :)

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    Thursday, December 30, 2010 10:27 PM