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  • Hi,

    I am not quite sure if this is a right place to post my query, however my problem is really bothering me. I have created a VPC and have attached that VPC to the Instance, Also we have configured the Customer Gateway and attached it to the VPC and Created the VPN Connections as per AWS guidelines. We have the Sophos UTM (Hardware Model SG-115 ) on the other end of the Tunnel. We have the proper local networks and remote networks advertised on each end of the tunnel. When we turn on the VPN, the tunnel is being formed and the tunnel goes UP (checked from both the ends of the tunnel). The traffic flows in and out from the tunnel smoothly for some time, which ensures that proper routing is in place as desired, after a certain amount of time even while the tunnel is UP from both the ends (i.e. AWS End and Sophos End) we are not able transfer data In and Out of the Tunnel.

    Troubleshooting performed.

    01. We tried to ping the Remote AWS Host from the Host located in the internal corporate LAN, we were able to ping the host for some indefiante amount of time, after which we get request timed out. We are able to transfer data between both the hosts as long as the ping continues (which makes sense). When the ping stops, so does the data transfer. We Monitored the tunnel status when we were getting request timed out, and the tunnel status was show up from both the ends (AWS Gateway as well as the Corporate Gateway).

    02. When we were getting Request Time Out on the corporate host, the very moment we logged on to the Corporate Gateway, we were not able to ping the remote aws host from the Corporate gateway too. However we were able to ping the Remote AWS Gateway which shows that the connectivity between both ends of the tunnel was up and operational.

    To Summarize
    1) We are having end to end (host to host) VPN Connectivity for some time, the VPN tunnel even though up for all the time, the practical connection between the two hosts keeps toggling from the State UP to DOWN and vice versa.

    Can someone please help me resolve this Issue.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Mr. Samson Pacharne.

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