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  • Would love the ability to set times for the server to be on and off.

    IE, I'm at work 9am-6pm, so server is in stand-by, then on till 1am, on stand by till 7am again. Perhaps waking up to check for updates.  And then on all weekend as I need it.

    Tuesday, March 20, 2007 4:46 AM

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  • I agree.  Most people don't need a computer wasting electricity all night. Automatic sleep and wake options on the server could be useful for saving power. (Especially those using a Pentium 4 as the server... man those suck down the juice)
    Thursday, March 22, 2007 6:07 PM
  • I also fully agree. I have made a 5-year old P4 machine as WHS. After 2 days of running I noticed that the space around the server was very warm. Even before making it a server, I was keeping it on 24/7 as I access it from my hotel room when I am on tours. But I never noticed it being so hot.

    I changed the power settings to switch off the hard drive after 45 min. That has cooled it significantly. Anyway at home we don't access the server that much as we access at work. So turning off the hard drives is not really a problem (for me, at least).

    Monday, March 26, 2007 7:21 PM