Windows 10 potential solutions? RRS feed

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  • Like many other MS Money users I am now regarding W10 with deep suspicion! What is to become of us? Hoping MS will patch things is almost certainly vain. There seem to be 3 ways forward. Before embarking on any, we should export as much Money data as we can to a spreadsheet and even (gasp!) pen and paper.

    1. Apply Registry patch as described. Very well done to the folk who discovered this, but fiddling with the Registry makes us nervous.

    2. Move to new software. I quite like the look of AceMoney, I see a member likes YNAB. This will both cost money and be a pain to learn. None of these programmes seem as versatile as MSMoney.

    3. Use a Virtual Machine. Having done a bit of research I suspect this will require skills I don't have. Has anyone tried this?

    I have a desktop and a notebook so will permit the latter to upgrade and do any fiddling there. If I find anything useful I shall of course post.


    Dr AS

    Sunday, August 2, 2015 9:26 AM