Win 7 how do i change defaults for all files or folder RRS feed

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  • ... This might be the wrong forum, so, sorry if that is the case.

    I tried searching the forums and googleing for these or similar issues but I guess I just don't know the key words that would have led me to the solution.

    I work with thousands of files (text, pics, vids) and their folders daily and am fairly new to  Win 7 (skipped Vista all together) from XP.

    Folders: I know how to change the sort by options for the current folder (for example, sort by "Date" is a default option, but not "Date Modified". I have to add it to the options), and I have to alter the options for each file individually (yes, thousands of them). How do I change the list of options so it automatically effects ALL folders of windows explorer.

    Files: In Explorer, clicking on a file (Text, JPEG, etc.) will bring up the files list of properties. Right clicking on that panel will give an option to remove properties, but not add them (for example, JPEG files default property list includes the "Title" property, but not "Last Name", which would help me in organizing and searches). How do I add more properties to a file. More importantly, how do I change the default properties list for ALL files of that type. I would like all my JPEGs to have, by default, the "Last Name" property, and not have to add it to each file individually (working with tens of thousands).

    As far as changing lots-o-file names, Metamorphose FTW!

    Thanks everyone in advance for your responses, even if it's just to say "it can't be done". /sadface

    <rant> I love how MS is "simplifying" their OS but for the most part they make things more complex... Personally I like the direction they're taking because more complex gives me access to deeper customization (as long as i can google how to... hehe). How could XPs search and network sharing have been any more simple??? Now explorer searches are way more complicated (having to know (and magically knowing that you have to use) exact keywords to direct your search... wow). I won't get into the absurdity of trying to network share an arbitrary file or how EVERYTHING in the user location (where windows tries to funnel all your new files by default) is set to share by DEFAULT!!... awesome. </rant> =)

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