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  • Hey there,

    No idea how I could've made the title more self explanatory. Let me just try to explain here what I'm trying to accomplish.

    I got a ****load of users in groups. Like 300 groups, with up to 300 users in one of those groups.
    My boss asked me to do the following by hand:

    Set every group to Domain Local.

    Don't delete the users but re-add them.
    Reason being: we're fusing with another domain.
    The users are already in this other domain, so I simply have to choose the other domain in the locations screen when adding the user.

    I already found a way to change the group scope to domain local through powershell.

    No idea how to do the other thing though.

    If anyone has an idea on how to do this I would very much like to know about it :)
    Then I might be able to convince my boss to use powerscript instead of letting me slave my hours away on something that can be easily achieved with powershell.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Hi Shadenl,

    well ... it can be done of course.

    You can probably do this by ...

    • Get list of users per group
    • Go to new domain and get Distinguished Name of all those users
    • Back in your old domain, add the group memberships by using the DN to identify the user.


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    Friday, May 19, 2017 9:33 AM