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  • Hello,

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    So I have created a plug-in to copy the extra address fields we have created for our internal biz requirements. I register the plug-in, register the step, and register a PostImage. Specifically the Step is on the Create message and the primary entity is contact.

    The image is a PostImage and all attributes for now.

    So what I want to do is update the contact address fields with the values coming from the Opportunity. I am currently doing this and it works but now I am going back to refactor it and could use some help making it more professional.

    if (ExecContext.MessageName == "Create")
       Entity postEntityImg = ExecContext.PostEntityImages["PostAddyImage"];

    So far so good. BTW addy1_city etc. are local string vars.

    if (ExecContext.MessageName == "Create")
       Entity postEntityImg = ExecContext.PostEntityImages["PostAddyImage"];
       #region Check for atty and populate if exists
       #region Addy1
       if (postEntityImg.Attributes.Contains("address1_city"))
          addy1_city = (string)postEntityImg.Attributes["address1_city"];
        .....etc it keeps going through each field.

    Once I have all my local variables populated I then do this bit of ugly stuff to update the entity.

    //query to get address recorxds
    var res = from c in SvcCtxt.CreateQuery("customeraddress")
    where c["parentid"].Equals(AddyContactId)
    select c;
    foreach (var c in res)
       Entity e = (Entity)c;
       //we need to id which addy record we are updating and assign proper values
        if (addy1_city.ToString() == c["city"].ToString() && addy1_pobox.ToString() == c["postofficebox"].ToString() && addy1_stateprov.ToString() == c["stateorprovince"].ToString() && addy1_Line1 == c["line1"].ToString() && addy1_postcode == c["postalcode"].ToString())
                                        e["xyz_stateprovincenoniso"] = bmgi_stateprovinceid;
                                        e["xyz_countryregionnoniso"] = bmgi_countryregionid;
                                    if (addy2_city == c["city"].ToString() && addy2_pobox.ToString() == c["postofficebox"].ToString() && addy2_stateprov == c["stateorprovince"].ToString() && addy2_Line1 == c["line1"].ToString() && addy2_postcode == c["postalcode"].ToString())
                                        e["xyz_stateprovincenoniso"] = bmgi_stateprovince2id;
                                        e["xyx_countryregionnoniso"] = bmgi_countryregion2id;

    So this really needs to be written in a much cleaner and more effective manner but I'm afraid I don't know enough of the details.

    For example is there a better way to access/loop the PostImage attributes?

    What if there is only one addy filled out on the opportunity?

    How can I discern which addy from the query projection I am working with. I.E. addy one or two?

    Finally I am not asking you to do my work simply tell me what subjects / concepts to read up on and I'll take it from there.

    Thank You

    Thursday, February 6, 2014 4:25 AM