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  • Hello, I've created a denormalized table to store all user emails.  This ETL process has identified the sender as a queue for several emails.  The CRM DB has a queue table and a queueitem table.

    My CRM DB queueitem table has 10k rows. I'm trying to figure out how this structure is used by CRM.  Does CRM create a queueitem for every email to be sent and then keep the queueitem for auditing purposes even after the email is sent?

    I can open an email and it shows a from of queue "<Joe User>".  However, if I open the email after it sends, I assume it will show a from of user "Joe User."  I'll need to update the "From" value in my denormalized table from a queue value to a user value. Can I hook into the email send event to do this?

    Also, is there any concept of a queueitem for received emails or is this only for emails that crm is trying to send?
    Tuesday, January 14, 2014 11:31 PM