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    Group chat works fine internally (internal domain is domainA.net, but the actual SIP domain is domainA.com).  If a federated contact attempts to search for a Federated Group Chat room, it does not work. 

    A. Within the group chat client, the federated user clicks "Join a chat room"
    B. The user enters "domainA.com" in the domain field
    C. The user than enters the name of the chat room in the search field.
    D. After clicking the magnifying glass, it displays a error that "The domainA.com domain is unavailable."

    I've validated configuration settings on the domainA.com group chat server as follows:

    1. I've ensured that the ocschat @ domainA.com is enabled for federation.
    2.. On the Group chat server, I have created a new Federated Contact group and assigned the appropriate federated contacts to the group.
    3. I've then added the federated group to the Root scope and Root membership on the Group Chat server
    4. I've then created a new chat room and ensured that the Federated Group is inherited to the chat room.

    Out of crazy testing, I tried:
    1. Temp. allowed all traffic between the internal edge interface and the group chat server... No change
    2. Temp. added ports 8010,8011, and 5041 between the internal edge interface and the enterprise pool... No change

    What am I missing?  Is there an undocumented DNS entry required?  The access edge is functioning as designed (external MOC connections are successful and MOC federation is successful). 

    Has anyone successfully implemented federated group chat rooms?


    Friday, October 9, 2009 8:48 PM