bugs in WM5/WM6 GPRS/WIFI connection duration counter RRS feed

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    I discover a WM5/WM6 bugs in the duration counter for GPRS/Wifi connection (click on the connection icon on the title bar to see the duration). Basically the duration is calculated solely based on the system time, which may be changed by the user. So if you started your connection on 28Jan 02pm and a few minutes later, you realized that you clock is wrong and changed it to 27Jan 02pm, the connection duration will grow extremely large as the result of the substraction (current time - start time) is negative and still has to be fit into an unsigned number (I guess). It'll display something like 500000:00:00 for the connection duration.


    Is considered a bug. If yes, how do I fix or report this? Thanks

    Monday, January 28, 2008 1:31 AM