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  • It doesn't matter whether they conflict or not. I don't care what is wrong with the programs running at once. I understand the risk, I will do my best to avoid it. Though I can only hope that microsoft and lavasoft are working to fix this, what really bugs me is the fact that I can't tell OneCare to ignore the warning.


    From reading, it seems to me as though basically, the only way the two programs (assuming the user has the free version of ad-aware) is if you tell both programs to clean an infection at the same time. An unlikely event, but yeah, something that is good to warn people about. I agree.


    But I know now. "Don't tell both programs to delete at the same time." Got it. Crystal clear. Thank you. Now let me delete the warning. The issue is not that the two programs may conflict, it's that my Live One Care won't tell me there is a problem with my computer anymore automatically because according to WLOC, there is always a problem with my computer...


    Heck, even if the problem extends deeper than "don't delete at the same time" (I didn't read too far in.), it's my choice. MY CHOICE. WLOC is actually hindering its own effectiveness because I can't get constant updates on my computer's uh... health... I guess... Don't know what to call it.


    There is no reason for Microsoft not to have a little button that says "ignore this warning" and a little confirmation window that says "Confirm at your own risk, etc etc etc." I'm sorry but it's my computer and my choice and my risk, and if I choose to take the risk, so be it. But you shouldn't make it more difficult for me to check if anything is wrong (constant red icon) because I chose to take the risk.


    I think for now I'm just going to install, run, and uninstall ad-aware (because it does catch MANY things that slow my computer that microsoft LOC doesn't) so that I can get constant updates. But my subscription expires in a month, and I won't bother to repurchase.

    Sunday, March 23, 2008 9:21 PM

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