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  • I want to migrate our product catalog configuration and data from one CRM Online instance to another.

    I'm not very familiar with Dynamics, so I followed this guide: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn832125.aspx, using the Configuration Migration Tool. Creating a data schema and exporting the data seems to work just fine. Importing the data does not.

    Looking in the ImportDataDetailLog.log I get five of these errors:

    11:22 Insert Record - Result: False - Entity: product - Insert to product FAILED with Error : The unit id is missing.

    However, defaultuomid is set in the data.xml file for all of the products. For instance:

    <field name="defaultuomid" value="3d69fd48-56ff-e511-80d6-5065f38be561" lookupentity="uom" lookupentityname="Price per license" />

    And I get few of these, probably due to the previous errors:

    11:22 ImportEntity - Result: False - Entity: Price List Item - Missing Compare key for current entity Price List Item, missing productidname
    11:22 Insert Record - Result: False - Entity: productpricelevel - Insert to productpricelevel FAILED with Error : The product id is missing

    Also, it seems like the Product Family Hierarchy is not imported even though parentproductid is set and the parent product is imported.  

    <field name="parentproductid" value="abcc8a4e-66ff-e511-80d6-5065f38be561" lookupentity="product" lookupentityname="ARC Transactions" />

    Where do I begin to troubleshoot?
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