CRM 2011 Outlook Client - Duplicate Appointments being sent, several per second RRS feed

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  • I have a very odd issue that is occurring for one of my users. Its a lot like this persons issue except for CRM 2011. A few weeks ago, we installed the offline CRM 2011 client for Outlook on his laptop. When he goes into CRM personal options within Outlook and on the Synchronization tab, selects the Mail Filter and then adds "My Appointments", suddenly Outlook starts sending out invites for an appointment from back in May. The initial appointment was created by someone else and he must've accidentally tracked it at some point because all of the new appointments that get created are automatically tracked by him within Outlook (untracking doesn't help though). Either way, both the original creator and this user have deleted the appointment in Outlook and somehow CRM is recreating it and sending out the same appointment over and over, several every couple of seconds. We even deleted the appointment from his Outlook account within Exchange. Only way to stop it from continuously sending out the appointment is by removing the My Appointments option within Mail Filters. We thought it might've been tied to his Windows profile somehow so we ended up replacing his computer but unfortunately, now the new computer is doing the same thing.

    Can you think of anything that I can check to see whats causing this? Would turning on tracing give any useful information to help in troubleshooting something like this, or is that strictly related to client operations? Could it be that the tracked appointment is orphaned and its trying to recreate it? Although, that wouldn't explain why its creating the same appointment several times per second. Should we delete his CRM profile and create a new one? I know that wasn't an easy task in CRM 4.0 but if its worth doing, we'll try anything at this point.

    We are using CRM 2011 on-prem and hes running Windows 8.1 (his old computer was Windows 7) with Office 2013. His CRM client and all of the server components are on RU14.

    Monday, November 17, 2014 9:22 PM