I am looking for some 'best practice' ideas on setting up Dynamics RRS feed

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  • Hi there

    We are an IT reseller and new to MS dynamics, we are looking at how best to set up the product and I wondered if there were anyone who could steer me in the right direction, we are also interested in some customisation work (UK based) if anyone is contracting out there.

    In short we are trying to work out: -

    • We sell software solutions that are renewable ostensibly once a year, how best to record this information and flag to the account manager it is time to renew (a case, a contract not sure what is best)
    • We also offer support contracts based on per hour billing, call allotments and indeed no of cases are not a total fit, is there any plug ins that meet this requirement
    • We would also like to enable some sort of customer portal, is this available in Dynamics CRM 2013

    I would welcome a conversation with someone who has perhaps done this type of work before

    Sunday, February 16, 2014 4:13 PM


  • Hi,

    1- You could use contracts or quotes as well. Both could have an ending date, which could be alerted through custom views before it.

    2- As you know contracts in CRM has three types to bill the customer: 1- Case numbers 2- Coverage times 3- Total amount of work (hours) spent. So, the third option may cover your requirement with slight adjustments. Since your requirement could be unique, you could write a plugin on your own.

    3- Sure! There are lots of third party customer portal solutions for Dynamics CRM 2013. I always use solutions of this link. But you could search to find solutions which could match your requirements.

    Finally, based on your questions I suggest to call a Microsoft partner in your area to get helped better.

    Iranian Dynamics CRM Association | انجمن متخصصان ایرانی

    Sunday, February 16, 2014 9:16 PM