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  • We want to keep data in CRM for client/customer Employee. Data will be entered and accessed by him/her using portal. Following is the relation for Client Employee.

    I'm in Organization A. A will have multiple tenants in system e.g. B and C. There are multiple clients for B and C e.g. D and E. Client Employee will be employee of D and E. 

    As of now I found following information regarding CAL requirement - If someone can confirm it, that will be great

    1.       Using External connector (EC), we will not be able to create any user in CRM for Client Employee thus no data specific to him/her in CRM.

    2.       If we want to store Data per Client Employee in CRM we need to use Employee Self Service CAL else we will have to store data outside CRM.

    3.       Using EC, if we build logic to attach external user with custom entity, we may be able to store it in CRM but not sure if this is feasible and legal in CRM.


    Friday, July 8, 2011 4:44 AM

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  • Employees do not need to be CRM users do they? 

    Mutiple tennants are not the issue.   The EC license is per CRM server.  So if you have a multi server install you need one for each install.  But if you have mutiple organizatiions on one server you only need 1.  

    As I read that license the people accesing data in CRM via a Portal applicaiton can manipultate the data any way you see fit.  So if you allow them to add data, or delete, or create you are in the license.  The exclusion is about how they interact with the data.  They are not allowed to use the Microsoft CRM UI. 

    Just one man's opinion. Here is my interpretation from my blog.   http://blog.solomon2crm.com/2009/10/05/rtg--dynamics-crm-and-multiplexing.aspx?ref=rss


    Pierre Hulsebus - EHTC


    Tuesday, August 16, 2011 4:41 PM