SIP peer invalid content type 'multipart/mixed' with Nortel CS 1000 RRS feed

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  • Figured I would start a new thread on this question in case it was lost in a previous discussion on the CS 1000. We have a Nortel CS 1000 and are getting this error when we place a call from a standard phone that routes to the Speech Server 2007. The Trusted peer is setup for the CS 1000.  Not sure what this invalid content type multipart/mixed means:



    The Telephony Manager declined a call with Call Id '19a7b758-3d688e2f-13c4-40030-5009ab-4bc2319d-5009ab' for the following reason in component telephony session: 'The media description received from the remote SIP peer has an invalid content type 'multipart/mixed'.'. 


    Further trace information for support personnel follows:


    Microsoft.SpeechServer.Core.InvalidMediaException: The media description received from the remote SIP peer has an invalid content type 'multipart/mixed'.

       at Microsoft.SpeechServer.Core.MediaNegotiation..ctor(LoggingContext loggingContext, ContentDescription rtcRemoteMediaOffer)

       at Microsoft.SpeechServer.Core.TelephonySessionInbound.CreateMediaNegotiation(ContentDescription rtcMediaDescription, SessionInfo sessionInfo, CallInfo callInfo, IPEndPoint sipPeerEndpoint)

       at Microsoft.SpeechServer.Core.TelephonySessionInbound.Initialize(SessionInfo sessionInfo, SessionReceivedEventArgs e, CallInfo callInfo, EventSerializer serializer, SpeechSession speechSession, Boolean isTlsConnection)

       at Microsoft.SpeechServer.Core.TelephonySessionInbound..ctor(SessionInfo sessionInfo, SessionReceivedEventArgs e, CallInfo callInfo)

       at Microsoft.SpeechServer.Core.TelephonyManager.CreateSession(Int32 inviteReceivedTickCount, SessionReceivedEventArgs e)

       at Microsoft.SpeechServer.Core.TelephonyManager.SignalingSessionReceived(Object sender, SessionReceivedEventArgs e)


    Wednesday, April 9, 2008 1:34 PM