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  • I love the utorrent addin, it really fills the gaping hole of WHS features Smile And it worked great for the first week or two.

    But now downloads are ALWAYS corrupt, I couldnt understand why for a while until I saw that if I was downloading a file that was say 1.07gb in size, uTorrent would report it 100% complete (and move it to the complete folder) even though in actual fact it shows that it only downloaded 1.01gb.

    Anyone else have a similar problem / solution?

    Monday, October 15, 2007 2:32 PM

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  • SeerUK,

    Not sure what to think without some setup details. Did you follow the uTorrent SetUp guid in PDF format on Marcel's site?

    It sounds like you may have your Active Downloads file folder stored in the Shares Folder and the downloading torrents  are getting moved around by WHS Demigrator before it's finished downloading the torrent. We've seen a few with the same problem. Be sure to have your downloading folders set like this....

    In uTorrent under Preferences> Downloads tab should be set to:

    Put New Downloads in: D:\Active Downloads  
    (And if you set up that second Admin user account per the instructions, this folder should be created while logged in through that account in WHS!  This location is outside the "Shares" folders and will not be put into the balance pool. This is very important. You can name the folder whatever you want really as long as it's formated this way... )

    Move Completed Downloads to:
     (Now this is a Share Folder!  You need to set this up in Console, give yourself user rights and for the other user and turn off duplication. You can name the folder whatever you want here too)

    If you need the PDF file for the step by step, go here: Deciphered.net
    Monday, October 15, 2007 10:41 PM