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  • Hi All,

    I have just started deploying OCS & Nortel CS1000 in our lab approximately 300 users. It's nortel based lab. So far I have installed,

    1. OCS SE - On separate server
    2. Active Directory - On separate server
    3. Mediation Server - On sepatate server

    The windows part was tested and it went success. Now started integration part with Nortel CS1000.

    Then, I planned to install OCS Proxy and MCM on a separate server. Here comes the issue,

    I could not install OCS Proxy or I do not know how to install it. Some where I found in forum that it can be installed thru command line

     It can only be installed via command prompt, in the .../setup/i386/setup folder:

    server.msi SERVER=PROXY SKU=EE (for Enterprise) or SKU=SE (for standard addition)

    I tried to install thru this above step and It was installed but failed to start the services.

    My server is in the domain.

    What could be the problem?? If some one faced the same issue pls share as it's v.urgent.

    2. Will it create any issue if I install MCM 1st and then OCS Proxy??

    Please let me know how can i install OCS Proxy and MCM and configuring it....

    3. I hope the servers setup will be (Pls correct me if i am wrong)

    ACTIVE DIR SERVER <=> OCS Server <=> Midiation Server <=> OCS Proxy / MCM <=> CS1000
    (1 NIC Card)                    (1 NIC Card)       (1 NIC Card)              (2 NIC Card. 1 to reach OCS 2nd to reach cs1000)  

    Pls help


    Wednesday, March 11, 2009 5:04 AM

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  • Did you activate the server after installing it?  It must be activated or services won't start.  Try lcscmd /server  /password:<domain admin password> /action:activate  /role:proxy

    Wednesday, April 22, 2009 6:49 PM