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  • My own experience is that you should not use the USB to be part of the pool, it might be a good thing to say in a marketing, but my own experience was that the server was irresponsive, not reliable at best and had a failure every day and something every hours or minutes, my external drive enclosure came with eSata also but as the computer was a old type I decided to give a try with an external card that have an eSata and in addition that card come with USB also and one internal sata also and one ide interface also, this is a generic card with drives that cover XP, Vista, 98, ME and Server 2003 OS.

    All my problems was resolved and the check disk did a flawless repair, I strongly suggest everyone that are thinking about adding a Hard Drive to the pool to consider to open the server case and put in on the ide or Sata connector and get a very reliable Home Server instead of my own experience until last week I have the server for almost 11 month now working on a sempron 3000+ on a ASUS A7N8X2.0 Deluxe with IDE Hard Drive and now a generic PCI card with eSata that happen to contain USB and a IDE controller that offer WHQL Drivers for 2003 OS Server and bingo all my problems were resolved by doing this.

    I am not posting a request of help but offering this as help for any newcomer that might be tempted to build his Home Server by recycling his old PC in a server. (If you look at the specification of Microsoft I meet the minimal requirement for Network speed being on a 100 mbs network and card and the processor exceeding the requirement and twice then the memory required of 500 Mb.

    So my present Home Server are as follow; 1.41 TB total
    368 GB Shared Folders
    PC Backup 131 GB for a total of x 4 PC 3 Vista Home Premium one XP Home Edition and a possibility to ad a old XP Laptop.
    Free Space: 916.62 GB (If I ever run out I just have to add another internal HD of 1 TB at minimal cost.
    RAM is one GB, possibility to make it to 4 GB if ever wanted to do that.

    One heck of happily family and Part time IT/administrator/network administrator as a Dad a very happy customer 'me'.

    So in conclusion stay away from USB for the Pool and instead use it for backup the PC itself maybe if required if not inclined to open the server case.

    Tuesday, March 3, 2009 10:45 PM

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  • USB is definitely flaky sometimes, esp with cheap USB enclosures. They need to provide reliable cooling and power and some just don't.
    eSATA is definitely the way to go :)
    Wednesday, March 4, 2009 5:16 AM