IE freeze due to Zeon corporation RRS feed

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  • Problem When one goes to a page to open some document supported by Adobe reader A message appeared at the bottom of the page “Web page wants to run add on ‘Zeon Corporation’ from Zeon Corporation”  with the choice of open or cancel.  If you opened the page freezes.  If you cancel the statement doesn’t open.  At times it reopens the document page after freezing and other times one must close down Internet explorer version 9.  My operating system is windows 7 home premium (64) on a new Dell computer.   Solution--In researching the problem I found suggestions that Google Chrome browser might be part of the problem and I deleted it.  Also that Adobe reader might also be involved.   I deleted 3 adobe programs.  It’s interesting that when you download adobe acrobat reader you automatically get Google Chrome unless you specifically reject it.  Now when I tried to open my USBank account I get a message “PDF request router (25.1KB) from www4.USBank.com” appears and you can click to open than you must select what program to open it with and I used Nuance PDF reader.  This opened the file and I was able to download.    Next I reinstalled the Adobe PDF reader (without Google Chrome)  Then I returned to my USBank account and when asked I enabled “Adobe reader helper and now the statement opening goes normally.  What do I surmise from all this?  Zeon corporation probably is the PDF reader of  choice integrated in Google Chrome and when it’s on your computer it tries to muscle in on windows explorer and is incompatible and freezes Explorer.  At no time did I detect an isolated Zeon file on my computer and I looked several times.  I suggest  someone contact Zeon corporation and suggest they modify their program so this no longer happens.  I also suggest microsoft modifies IE to prevent this from happening. 

    Wednesday, May 23, 2012 3:41 AM