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  • Hi,
       I converted a vb.NET project from VS 2003 to VS 2005. This references an HTMLEditor dll that was compiled in C#, and uses the AxWebBrowser control. Now this control's Navigate method doesn't work at all. I mean, it does nothing, and the form that has this control doesn't even load.

    Here's the relevant code snippet. The variable "loading" is set to false in the BrowserDocumentComplete method, but that method is never hit, so the thread just gets suspended and execution returns to the main application.

    loading = true;

    this.editorWebBrowser.Navigate(url, ref EMPTY_PARAMETER, ref EMPTY_PARAMETER, ref EMPTY_PARAMETER, ref EMPTY_PARAMETER);

    // wait for the navigate to complete using the loading variable
    // DoEvents needs to be called to enable the DocumentComplete to execute

    while (loading)

    This used to work perfectly fine in VS 2003 and no code changes were made, except that the HTMLEditor project was also converted to VS 2005 (actually, referencing the VS 2003 compiled HTMLEditor dll did not work either).

    Please help. This is urgent! This decides whether we move on with the upgrade or roll back to VS 2003/.NET 1.1!



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