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  • One of the last updates to WHS that concerned the Connector Console software seems to have inadvertently tied itself to my Adobe CS3 programs.  I eventually figured out what the issue was eventually, but the solution eluded me for a while.

    When WHS automatically updates the Console Connector software and one tries to disable the console GUI from automatically starting up when Windows boots, it'll disable FlexNet licensing, which controls access to FlexNet-based software (like Adobe Creative Suites, Autodesk software, etc).

    Just an FYI for those whom, like me, might be using Adobe CS3 on client computers whose users don't have the WHS password (and, thus, would not have an immediate need for having the Console appear in the system tray on startup --- which wouldn't affect scheduled backups as those are initiated from the server itself).  If you fit those three conditions, then re-enable FlexNet in your client Services Console after updating or reinstalling the Connector from the Software Share on the WHS.

    Wednesday, March 18, 2009 12:13 AM